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10 Great YouTube Channels for FREE Online Yoga Classes

(This post contains affiliate links.) Today I’m sharing with you my go-to YouTube channels for free online yoga classes. These channels produce regular content that is every bit as good as videos that you would shell out your hard-earned cash for. So, you can practice anywhere, at any time and without spending a dime! No excuses!

Free online yoga classes.

Although I am a yoga teacher myself, for my own practice I prefer to follow along with a guided video. It keeps my practice fresh and adds variety as well as helping to motivate me. For 10 years, whilst working as a part-time locum physiotherapist for the military, I lived a portion of each week ‘on the road’ and these YouTube channels, along with my Manduka eKo Superlite Travel Yoga Mat, enabled me to keep up my yoga practice.

Free Online Yoga Classes:

Bad Yogi

Of course I have to start this list with my absolute favourite yoga teacher! Erin Motz is personable, authentic and her teaching style makes her my winner, hands down.

Erin Motz’s videos are typically between 10 and 20 minutes long. For me this is ideal when I’m lacking the energy or motivation to face a longer session and, since I find her videos instantly engaging, I invariably continue with ‘just one more’… and perhaps ‘just one more’ again…

There are free online yoga classes for all levels, often including modifications to make them as inclusive as possible, and Erin Motz has also produced 4-week, 10-day and 7-day yoga challenges to inspire you.

Boho Beautiful

Juliana and Mark are a husband-and-wife team who are traveling the world and producing free online yoga classes in breathtaking locations.

Juliana was an Olympic level gymnast and professional athlete… and it shows! Her ability on the yoga mat is truly inspiring but don’t let that put you off if you are just starting out; there are sessions to suit all abilities and goals, along with some great meditation videos too. Mark’s artistic creation combined with the tropical backdrops make the videos truly stunning.

Yoga by Candace

Candace’s channel is hugely popular and it’s easy to see why. I really love the way she puts her routines together.

Candace’s yoga videos are typically between 15 and 30 minutes long and there really is something for everyone.

Yoga with Adriene

Yoga with Adriene seems to be the most popular yoga channel on YouTube and it’s easy to see why. She offers a huge selection of free online yoga classes of various lengths and there are tons of specialized classes too, such as Yoga for Anxiety.

Adriene Mishler has an engaging and motivational personality. She is cheerful and down-to-earth, which makes her classes really enjoyable. Indeed, the comments on her videos are chock-full of rave reviews. I am yet to find one of her classes that I haven’t loved.

Brett Larkin Yoga

Brett Larkin offers a variety of Vinyasa flow sequences for all levels along with specialized Vinyasa flow sequences for specific interests and goals.

Yoga with Kassandra

Kassandra offers a mix of flowing Vinyasa sequences, free online yoga classes targeted at specific interests and, her speciality, Yin Yoga classes which are just yummy.

Fightmaster Yoga

Lesley Fightmaster, a yoga teacher trainer, has produced a huge range of videos to suit all needs. There really is something for everyone. Her classes cater for yogis of all levels and feature a variety of styles, including flowing Vinyasa sequences and Ashtanga. There are free online yoga classes targeted at specific areas of the body and playlists include HIIT, cardio, strength-building and flexibility.

Yoga with Tim

Tim Sensei offers full-body yoga classes which are superbly sequenced. There are free online yoga classes and tutorials for all levels and with a wide variety of focuses, from inversions and arm balances to restorative yoga, but there is definitely a bias towards total body strengthening.

Sarah Beth Yoga

Sarah Beth teaches free online yoga classes in a variety of styles, including Power yoga, Vinyasa yoga and Restorative yoga. Her classes cater to a wide selection of interests too – from specific body areas to back bends, and from Yin Yoga for bedtime to yoga for PMS.

Richard Brook

This list simply cannot be complete without a spattering of Dru Yoga – the style of yoga that I personally love and teach. In my post What is Dru Yoga? I included what I believe to be the only full-length ‘official’ Dru Yoga class on YouTube, produced by the Dru team themselves. However, Richard Brook – a Dru Yoga teacher based in London – has a YouTube channel where he posts some free online yoga classes and, of particular note, three full-length Dru Yoga classes.

The following class features an initial relaxation, activations, Energy Block Release 1, Flowing Tree, Alternate Nostril Breathing, meditation and a final relaxation:

The following class features an initial relaxation, activations, Energy Block Release 2, pranayama, meditation and a deep relaxation:

The following class includes an initial relaxation, activations, Energy Block Release 3, Sun Salutations, meditation and a deep relaxation:

Which yoga classes on YouTube do YOU enjoy the most? Please leave a comment and let me know.