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Michael Cremo: Evolution or Devolution?

(This post contains affiliate links.) The now dominant evolutionary views about human origins and antiquity report humans like ourselves to have existed for only about 100,000 or 200,000 years, preceded only by more primitive human ancestors. This is what most of us accept as scientific ‘fact’, isn’t it? Maybe we shouldn’t…

Michael Cremo: Evolution or Devolution?
Michael Cremo: Evolution or Devolution?

In this fascinating video, Michael Cremo presents archaeological evidence that anatomically modern humans have existed on earth for many millions of years, thus pre-dating the known presence of even the most simple apes and monkeys and therefore devastating the theory of evolution. Interestingly, such extreme human antiquity is, however, consistent with the historical Vedic texts of ancient India.

I must admit that, while I find the debate on human origins extremely fascinating, knowing the truth is unlikely to make any difference to my day-to-day life. However, what I do find disappointing is that knowledge could have been filtered to support the evolutionary paradigm. I wonder why and I can only assume that the collective ego of prominent and influential scientists places more importance on ‘fitting in’ and providing answers than whether these answers are accurate. It takes bravery from Michael Cremo to stand against such a collective voice from the scientific community.

The fear of uncovering inconvenient truths should never make us content to accept lies.

– from A woman of Consequence by Anna Dean

If nothing else, I believe this should teach us the importance of remaining open minded. Before we dismiss anything as impossible, why not consider that anything is possible? Let’s admit that there are things we just don’t know and can’t explain. Doesn’t that make it more exciting? For me, it’s the uncertainty that has sparked my interest in the topic. After all, how much fun can be had with a completed crossword puzzle? The fun is in the journey, surely – in the puzzling.

Want to know more about Michael Cremo’s archaeological evidence of extreme human antiquity? Take a look at his books, The Hidden History of the Human Race, Forbidden Archeology, Human Devolution and The Forbidden Archeologist.