Sacred Sound

the power of trees

The Power of Trees

(This post contains affiliate links.) I have always loved trees - their wisdom, their magnificence and their strength. There is just something magical about them. In every season, trees are truly beautiful  - the bright, new green leaves of spring,…
January 2017 favourites

I’m Lovin’ It – January 2017

(This post contains affiliate links.) Firstly, I want to tell you about something that three separate people told me about at the end of last year. That must mean it is important, relevant to my life in some way and…
om - the primordial sound

The Om Symbol & Sacred Sound

(This post contains affiliate links.) Om is a mantra and mystical sound of Hindu origin which is considered sacred in Hinduism and Buddhism. Om is actually pronounced 'A-U-M' as in 'home' and each syllable can be felt to vibrate within…
benefits of chanting

The Benefits of Chanting Mantras

(This post contains affiliate links.) Chanting has many therapeutic benefits. It lengthens the out breath, helps to oxygenate the brain, lowers blood pressure, is a wonderful way to express emotion. Dr. Herbert Benson observed years ago that chanting helps induce…
full moon puja

Full Moon Puja

(This post contains affiliate links.) Tonight I had the pleasure of attending a Full Moon Puja, a Buddhist ritual that goes back to the time of the historical Buddha. We sat outside, the weather mild and the wind still. From…