full moon puja

Full Moon Puja

(This post contains affiliate links.) Tonight I had the pleasure of attending a Full Moon Puja, a Buddhist ritual that goes back to the time of the historical Buddha.

We sat outside, the weather mild and the wind still. From our high vantage point we gazed directly ahead to the beautiful full moon, clear and bright, and its silvery reflection on the sea. Directly before us, in a small clearing amidst the long grass, two fire bowls either side of a stone Buddha gave it a wonderful orange glow.

The Full Moon Puja consisted of chanting and verses led in call and response followed by a long period of silence in which I was torn; I wanted to meditate but I didn’t want to close my eyes. It was such a wonderful atmosphere.

Tonight, on the night of the Full Moon, it seems appropriate to consider the effects of the moon’s energies on our lives. According to Claudia Thompson,

Every good gardner knows when to plant, weed, reap and compost for beautiful blossoming results. You are the architect of your reality and the gardner of your soul. The Secret talks of manifestation but when you live in tune with the rhythms of the Moon, you tap into your own universal flow of abundant energy.

Energy follows intention and you can utilise the constant cyclical rhythm of the waxing and waning of the moon to create your perfect “garden” of life.

The oceans dance to the moon’s changing phases, plant life grows according to her calendar, and we are no less affected by our relationship with her from the time we are in the womb. Our bodies are over 70 percent water and our biorhythms magnetically react like micro-oceans to the lunar cycles, personalized by the phase, sign, and degree of the moon at the moment of our birth. Tracking this monthly journey through its ebb and flow gives us our personal emotional evolution. Each cycle builds upon the last to create a spiraling dance of unfolding purpose and consciousness.

While the Sun represents what we want, the moon describes what we need. The moon represents our soul’s imperative in this lifetime.

Stand under a full moon some night, take a deep breath, and allow yourself to be still. Welcome the orb of silvery light into your being, become reflective, and you’ll feel the moon and her power.

The perfect methods for gardening our souls are found when we learn about the moon’s nature in our own lives. If we are not acknowledging the balance of waxing and waning energies, our lives become out of sync with the rhythms our bodies and emotions naturally dance to. By observing the building and resting phases, we have the opportunity to create the lives we desire with the support and energy flow of the cosmos.