om - the primordial sound

The Om Symbol & Sacred Sound

(This post contains affiliate links.) Om is a mantra and mystical sound of Hindu origin which is considered sacred in Hinduism and Buddhism. Om is actually pronounced ‘A-U-M’ as in ‘home’ and each syllable can be felt to vibrate within our bodies – the “A” (“ahh”) sound in the heart, the “U” (“oooh”) sound in the abdomen and the “M” (“mmm”) sound in the head.

The Om symbol and sacred sound.

The Om symbol itself represents states of consciousness:

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Om is believed to be the primordial sound that was present at the creation of the universe and has been chanted for thousands of years by Hindus and Buddhists.

Om is the imperishable word. Om is the universe, and this is the exposition of Om. The past, the present, and the future, all that was, all that is, all that will be is Om. Likewise, all else that may exist beyond the bounds of time, that too is Om. – Upanishads

It seems that there is now some scientific proof of this:

Astrophysicists have now detected echoes of the “Big Bang” that happened at the beginning of time. And this sound they have detected is a humming sound, very much like that of the “Om”. – Jonathan Goldman

Cymatics, the study of visible sound, also reveals some fascinating truths. The special apparatus used reveals that sounds have distinct geometrical shapes. We can see in the following video that the sacred sound Om takes the shape of an ellipse, a shape which organizes our universe on a macro-level.

How cool is that?! The following excerpt from Tuning Fork Therapy: Planetary Tuning Forks by Francine Milford also describes cymatics experiments in which sand particles sprinkled on a metal plate were seen to form different geometric patterns when exposed to various musical tones:

In the late 1960s, the Swiss scientist Hans Jenny discovered that… the sound ‘OM’ produced a pattern similar to that of the ancient Indian mandala for ‘OM’.

In my post entitled The Power of our Words & Intentions, I wrote about Masaru Emoto’s research which demonstrates that our words and intentions have an effect on the molecular structure of water. The image below shows the water crystal structure that was observed after the water had been in a glass with the Om symbol written on it:

The following recording, Ultimate Om, was created by Jonathan Goldman in response to 9/11 as a tool to help people release their abundant fear and anxiety:

I wanted to combine science and spirituality again, so here we have the people chanting the “Om” at the sacred ratio of 2:3, which many believe is the most healing and balancing musical interval. This interval, which is called the perfect 5th, was said to be the tuning of the Greek God Apollo’s Lyre. It can balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain, as well as the auric field. – Jonathan Goldman