Yoga Seminar: Dimensions of Yoga and its Dynamics

Yoga Seminar: Dimensions of Yoga and its Dynamics

Last month, the Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram and MOP Vaishnav College for Women joined together to offer a national seminar in Chennai entitled “Dimensions of Yoga and its Dynamics”. Their aim was to help disseminate to the public the wealth of valuable knowledge that Yoga possesses, for a fund of research evidence exists that establishes Yoga as a potent therapeutic intervention to manage and overcome various illnesses of the body and the mind, a body of knowledge of psychology and a school of philosophical thought. To this end, the seminar involved interactive lectures, practical sessions on Yogasanas and Pranayama, and meditation.

The topics for the seminar included:

  • Classical and contemporary dimensions of Yoga
  • Dimensions and direction of Yoga envisaged by Patanjali and Sri Krishna
  • Is Yoga a system of philosophy or a healthcare therapy?
  • New paradigms for psychology from Yogic lore
  • Various dimensions of Yoga for the youth
  • Sanskrit – The key to unlock deeper dimensions of Yoga

The entire seminar is available to view online, free of charge: