yoga courses

Yoga Courses

(This post contains affiliate links.) Following on from my announcement that I have started the Dru Meditation Teacher Training Course, this post is a list of all the yoga-related courses that I would love to do if time and money were no barrier.

Yoga Courses

Oh, there are so many yoga courses out there that are calling to me! The more I learn the more I want to know, so the list just keeps on growing. I’ve always been addicted to studying and I’ve always said that’s what I’d spend a large part of my time doing if I won the lottery. (Perhaps it’s time to start buying a ticket!)

So here, in no particular order, are the yoga courses on my wish list:

Dru Yoga Therapy Training Course – I’m really keen to expand my knowledge of Dru Yoga in any way possible so this course seems like a natural progression for me. I feel it would need a considerable time investment to do it justice though so it will most likely have to wait until I have completed the Dru Meditation Teacher Training Course. Price: £4070 GBP

Xen Strength Yoga with Weights – We all know that yoga is great for our flexibility and also improves balance, core stability and strength, and incorporating aerobic training into a yoga class, whilst a challenge, is certainly possible. However, combining weights with yoga helps us to get results in all of these essential areas of fitness soooooo much faster and more effectively, without leaving our mats and without needing to resort to an oh-so-boring gym session! It’s a really unique twist and I think it’ll prove really popular, especially in my work with the military. Another bonus is that the course is entirely online and as someone who already spends far too much time on the road and away from home that really is a bonus! Price: $599 USD

Dru Sound Certificate Course – As soon as I saw the details of this course a few years back, I wanted to do it right away! I’ve kept my eye on the website but there hasn’t been a course since 2011. I’ve heard a whisper that the course may be happening next year though – yippee! Price: unknown (but I’m praying it’ll be affordable!)

Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course – I’m planning to attend the Santosa Yoga Camp this year and as if attending my first ever yoga festival wasn’t exciting enough I’m also pretty excited about the ‘Total Yoga Nidra Track’ attendance option. Just £50 on top of the price of the festival ticket will provide access to a full five hours of Total Yoga Nidra practice plus a full five hours of philosophy, talks, lectures and question and answer sessions that are scheduled at the yoga camp. This makes it possible to complete the Total Yoga Nidra Foundation Course at the camp. The foundation course is a prerequisite for the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course. Price: £50 GBP for the Total Yoga Nidra Foundation Course (if taken at the Santosa Yoga Camp), then £650 GBP for the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training Course.

The Danielle Collins Face Yoga Method – This is a combination of face exercises, face massage, face acupressure and face relaxation which together provide a natural way of looking and feeling younger and healthier. The teacher training course enables you to teach Face Yoga classes, workshops and one-to-one sessions, either as a dedicated Face Yoga session or as an addition to other therapies and classes you may offer. I’d like to get going with this myself before I do the course though so I’m going to buy a copy of her 10 Minute Natural Facelift DVD first. Price: £395 GBP for the cheapest option which is distance learning with a ‘Super Trainer’ (not Danielle Collins herself).

acuProduct Training for Health Professionals – As a physiotherapist, I have recommended the AcuBall and AcuBack to many of my patients. They are great little products – affordable, effective and even heatable! I saw them used in a yoga class setting at the OM Yoga Show one year and I think that’d be a really neat thing to add into my classes. The course is delivered via 5 hours of live Skype training and completion will enable you to officially run and advertise acuProducts Therapy Classes. Price: $285 USD

Well Woman Yoga for Pelvic Health – This course sounds soooooo good and I apologise that this is going to be a lengthy description but there’s simply too much goodness to summarise! The course teaches a range of specific micro-movements and adaptations of classic yoga poses to stabilize the pelvis and promote lasting alignment, preventing or alleviating Pelvic Girdle Pain. The yoga-based pelvic floor exercises tone the pelvic floor in its entire length rather than in a partial way, avoiding and repairing the damaging effects of both hyper-toning through intensive exercise and weakness due to lack of exercise. In contrast with ‘overtone’ that results from repeated mechanical actions, toning with yoga breathing involves muscle chains and produces elasticity as well as tone. Improving blood circulation in the pelvis through specific sequences of yoga poses and abdominal breathing helps create a cascade of positive physiological effects and regulate the menstrual cycle. It is recommended for women suffering from dysmenorrhea, endometriosis, fibroids, PGCOS and PMS. The practices also deepen breathing, boost overall energy and may contribute to the healing of past traumas and inherited weaknesses. The associated energetic aspects, the psychosomatic dimension and the importance of toning in relation to the first and second chakras are also addressed. Sounds absolutely fantastic, doesn’t it? I literally can’t wait for the next course, but they seem to run quite infrequently. Price: £305 GBP for Birthlight members and £340 GBP for non-members.