yoga the art of transformation

Yoga: The Art of Transformation

An exhibit at the Cleveland Museum of Art entitled Yoga: The Art of Transformation will be running until 7th September 2014 and tickets are available online here.

According to the Cleveland Museum of Art…

“All over the world, millions of people—including sixteen million Americans—practice yoga for health benefits and to find spiritual calm. Practitioners and non-practitioners alike are aware of yoga’s origins in India. But very few know of yoga’s rich visual history, which reveals its profound philosophical underpinnings, its goals of transforming both body and consciousness, the diverse social roles yogic practitioners have played, and its transformations over time and across communities.

The Cleveland Museum of Art presents Yoga: The Art of Transformation, the world’s first exhibition about yoga’s visual history, explores yoga’s meanings and transformations over time, including its entry into the global arena; yoga’s goals of spiritual enlightenment, worldly power and health and well-being; and the beauty and profundity of Indian art.”

However, for those of us who are unable to visit the exhibition all of the lectures have been made available for free online. There are 14 tracks which make for a really interesting listen: