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How Dru Yoga Transforms Negative Emotions

(This post contains affiliate links.) Extensive modern research validates the ancient yogic principle that our bodies, emotions, thoughts and self are all inextricably linked.  If we observe ourselves carefully we will notice how certain thought patterns are intricately connected to our physical wellbeing and vice versa.

For example, remember when you felt incredibly happy, and your body radiated health and strength. The opposite also applies. Think about a time when you had a bad cold and your nose was streaming and you ached all over – did you feel like jumping for joy? The answer is usually no.

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When we change how we move we also change how we think and feel. For instance improved mobility in the spine or joints as a result of Dru yoga can result in the release of stored emotions from earlier traumas. When we release these stored emotions, chronic pain and disease will often be resolved and we will think and feel better as well.

Our physical body mirrors our subconscious mind. It is hard to change a thought like anger or a feeling like grief, regardless of our efforts, and these emotions can stay with us for months and years, often to the point where our health begins to break down.

Dru yoga recognizes and works with the intimate relationship that exists between the emotions and the body’s organs. This interplay is a well known science in Eastern and indigenous people’s medicine. Emotions are a form of energy, which, if they cannot find an outlet or a way to transform themselves, can become trapped in a particular part of the body. Louise Hay has done much to bring this science into the public eye and her book You Can Heal Your Life is a great introduction to her work. For example, the liver will hold feelings of anger and resentment, the lungs store sadness and grief, and so on.

Depression is one of the fastest growing health concerns in the world today. During depression we often experience a sense of separation or disconnection from ourselves and others. The word ‘Yoga’ comes from the Sanskrit verb yuj, which means to yoke or unite.

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Dru yoga has proven to be particularly effective for alleviating stress and depression. In fact, Dru Yoga techniques have been offered in detraumatization workshops in war zones around the world since 1995.

Over many years, therapists from the Dru team have been researching just how we can best heal and harmonize our constantly changing states of mind and mood swings along with physical health problems through Dru Yoga. One of the easiest pathways is through daily practice of certain movement sequences, hand gestures (mudras), spinal work and specific pranayama (breathing) exercises that help to move energy blocks. Each exercise works on a specific part of the body, so with just a little patience and 15 minutes’ practice each day, you can learn to free yourself and find great inner peace and harmony, without any kind of cathartic responses. In short, Dru Yoga is a holistic approach to uplifting and healing your whole being.