The “Dirty Dozen” and the “Clean Fifteen”

If money is tight and buying organic fruit and vegetables isn’t always an option, then the latest 2015 update of this handy guide from America’s Environmental Working Group (EWG) is for you! It is simply a list of the “Dirty Dozen” – the 12 fruits and vegetables found to contain the most pesticide residue – and the “Clean Fifteen” – the 15 fruits and vegetables found to contain the least amount of chemical residue. It’s a useful shopping tool for those on limited budgets, enabling us to prioritise our spending.


You may notice that the EWG has tacked on a “Plus” list to the “Dirty Dozen” list this year. While hot peppers, kale and collard greens did not meet the criteria for the “Dirty Dozen” list, they were added to the “Dirty Dozen Plus” list because they were found to contain trace levels of insecticides that can be toxic to the human nervous system.