Christmas gifts for yoga lovers

Christmas Gifts for Yoga Lovers

(This post contains affiliate links.) The smug messages have already hit social media, haven't they? People who bought their Christmas presents before Easter are now announcing that they are all wrapped and they are sitting by their extravagantly decorated Christmas…
spiritual shelfie

My spiritual shelfie

(This post contains affiliate links.) As part of my 40 before 40 challenge to myself, I pledged to read (or re-read) every one of my spiritual books. Now, as I show you my bookshelves, you'll appreciate the enormity of the…
40 before 40

40 before 40!

(This post contains affiliate links.) Now, making a list of 40 things I'd like to do before I'm 40 would be easy. In fact, it'd be hard to stop at just 40 things! But for this blog I've set myself…
yoga courses

Yoga Courses (Wish List #2)

(This post contains affiliate links.) Following on from my announcement in February 2015 that I have started the Dru Meditation Teacher Training Course, this 'Wish List' post is a list of all the yoga-related courses that I would love to…
pranic energy

How Does Dru Yoga Work So Effectively?

The gap between modern medicine, quantum physics and ancient forms of health care, is closing fast. According to quantum physicists we are essentially beings of light or energy – a fact well known to the ancient yogis who studied the…
yoga abs workout

A “Kick Ass Abs Workout”

A month ago, I started a 30-Day Yoga Challenge, taught by Erin Motz. The challenge is entirely free, suitable for everyone and is simply available on YouTube. I like to experience the styles of different yoga teachers. I take particular…