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inversion therapy

Inversion Table Therapy

Over half of people who invert on a regular basis do so to relieve back pain, but to discount inversion as simply a back pain remedy would be to ignore a wide range of benefits that can be easily achieved…
benefits of chanting

The Benefits of Chanting Mantras

(This post contains affiliate links.) Chanting has many therapeutic benefits. It lengthens the out breath, helps to oxygenate the brain, lowers blood pressure, is a wonderful way to express emotion. Dr. Herbert Benson observed years ago that chanting helps induce…
benefits of rebounding

The Benefits of Rebounding

(This post contains affiliate links.) Rebounding is fun, easy, and safe for almost anybody of any age. It’s quoted by NASA as “the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man”. The health benefits of rebounding are amazing... and…
healthy eating and depression

Healthy Eating and Depression

The Mental Health Foundation has published a great little booklet for anyone who wishes to protect their mental health through healthy eating. It is particularly relevant for people recovering from mild or moderate depression and suggests how changes to the…