Sound Healing

Depending on your goal for your session, sound can be used as a complementary healing modality for (physical, emotional etc from card), or it can simply be enjoyed for the pleasure of the experience.

Would you believe that sound can actually alter cellular and molecular structure? This continues to fascinate me and inspires me to delve deeper each day into the exploration of sound. If you are interested, you can read more in my blog posts about Sacred Sound.

My sound healing sessions have two main components:

Master Himalayan Singing Bowl

A master Himalayan singing bowl will be ‘sung’ whilst positioned in various places on your body. You will feel the deep vibrations and positive energy resonate throughout the cells of your body. This is a very enjoyable experience and the bowl is a favourite with everyone!

The master bowl covers the full spectrum of sound and you will naturally absorb those parts of the spectrum you need. Hence, the bowl sounds different when ‘sung’ on different people, different places of the body and on different days.

Thus, the healing power of the treatment rests entirely in the relationship between you and the master bowl. I am merely an (instrument).

Vocal Toning

I also use Vocal Toning, which I think of as a vocal laser beam of sound. Through Vocal Toning, I can detect energy blockages in specific areas of your body and (any layers of aura) which can then be (dispelled) through use of the master Himalayan singing bowl or Vocal Toning itself.

Throughout the session, I alternate between the use of the master Himalayan singing bowl and the Vocal Toning, as I (continuously / alternate between) provide healing sound vibrations and re-assess.

Complete with Reiki healing to help assimilate…

Please allow 90 minutes for your session, of which at least 60 minutes will…

(cost and place)