Simply Fit Board

Let’s face it – we’re all super busy and trying to find time for all the things we know we should be doing each day – like keeping fit – can be a huge juggling act!

What I love about the Simply Fit Board is that it can be used for just a few minutes at a time and easily fits into those odd minutes of downtime in your day.

Why not store it under the coffee table or behind the sofa and whip it out in the advert breaks?

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  • The Simply Fit Board is a Workout and Balance Board which swivels, encouraging a twisting and pivoting action. This:
    • engages your core,
    • improves your balance and posture,
    • and tones your abs and legs.
  • Simply place the board on a smooth, firm surface, stand on the board, find your balance and start twisting!
  • It’s simple and easy-to-use whatever your age or fitness level.
  • Package includes the durable Simply Fit Workout and Balance Board and BONUS WORKOUT DVD
  • Lightweight, portable and easy to store!
  • High quality, durable moulded plastic supports the weight of up to 180kg/400Ibs/28 stone.