LipoContour Elite Shorts

LipoContour Elite Shorts resemble cycling shorts. They are made from a patented triple-layer fabric which micro-massages, heats and provides pressure to the skin. The scientifically proven results are a reduction in the appearance of cellulite and a reduction in the thickness of fat around the buttocks, thighs, lower back and stomach.

Working together, the three layers of the fabric increase fatty acid catabolism (the breakdown of fat molecules), whilst stimulating blood supply. This bio-stimulation improves lymphatic drainage, reduces inflammation, and ultimately improves the oxygenation of the skin and fat tissue. The release of toxins, fluids and ultimately fat is stimulated. The result is firm skin and a sculpted and redefined profile.

The results of the scientific trials are based on the LipoContour Elite Shorts being worn for a minimum of 4 hours a day while doing activities that involve the use of muscles in the legs, buttocks and abdominal areas, to generate heat and movement. You could wear them whilst doing your normal daily chores – e.g. housework, gardening, shopping, walking the dog.

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