Earthing Shoes by Earth Runners

Insulated modern rubber shoes interrupt the body’s ability to connect with the Earth.

These Earthing Shoes are fantastically unique. The conductive lace-circuit intimately connects with the foot, effectively grounding the body through the copper plug on the bottom of the sandals.

There are both leather and vegan options.


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According to Earth Runners:

By syncing up with the earth’s circadian rhythm (24-hour cycle) by exposing our biology to the Schumann Resonance via earthing shoes, the body is able to calibrate to its natural electric state and slow down. These slower alpha brain waves help to improve quality of sleep and reduce recovery time by improving one’s sleep economy.

Wearing earthing shoes while exercising outdoors increases your cardiovascular capacity yielding greater endurance.

Remaining grounded in nature increases mental clarity and focus while enhancing one’s feeling of connection.

The following video demonstrates how effectively the conductive lace-circuit works to ground the body through the copper plug on the bottom of the sandals: