Dailygreatness Yoga Journal

Well, I love yoga and I love planning so this journal was just made for me! The super high quality inspires me to use it daily and makes every day feel like a luxury – just as it should be!

Using the Dailygreatness Yoga Journal daily really does change the way I live my life too. It certainly makes me think more consciously about how I am filling my days than any other planning system ever has.

If I could change one thing about the journal though, I would make it dated. I bought some calendar stamps and stamped the whole year up, using Versamagic ink.

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The Dailygreatness Yoga Journal, designed especially for the modern female yogi, brings together all aspects of the body, mind and spirit for an inspiring daily yoga practice.

Combining a yearly diary, goal and appointment planner, and daily tools for self-mastery, the Dailygreatness Yoga Journal is the perfect way to create and maintain a daily yoga and meditation routine.

The daily pages will guide you in creating an empowering daily practice through the 8 daily steps of meditation, yoga, intentions, journaling, gratitude, inspired action, self-inquiry, and inspiration.

yoga journal

The weekly and quarterly check-ins keep you committed, conscious and motivated.

With a yearly review to reflect on your achievements, each stage lays the foundation for achieving self-mastery, reaching your potential and creating a beautifully conscious life.

yoga journal

The flexi-bound cover makes the journal sturdy and durable yet light in weight. Inside, the premium quality paper is easy to write on with two silk ribbon markers for keeping your place. The smooth matte finish is a pleasure to handle and the awe-inspiring design, with 464 full-colour pages, will inspire you to use it often.

Caution! This yoga journal, if used every day, could radically transform, profoundly shape and dynamically alter your destiny!