Akaija Energy Necklace

This pendant is nothing short of amazing!

The Akaija is a powerful healing tool, the cosmic design of which was given to Wim Roksam through an inspiration by his girlfriend, after she died.

The Akaija connects your own body’s energy system to the cosmic universal energy field, enabling an exchange of energies to take place. Wim Roksam describes this well with the following analogy:

Compare this with a small stagnant lake filled with stale water. It is suddenly connected to the open sea through a wide channel. The tidal flow enters the lake. Then all the dirt is washed out in no time. Your energy system (the lake) becomes harmonized, cleaned, strengthened, balanced and it starts to resonate with the tidal flows. Your aura, your personal colours brighten. They wake up. This is what happens once to touch or wear an Akaija. You may then notice that old physical and emotional wounds or scars blocking this energy are re-activated and being cleared.

The Akaija, which has been co-created with the Divine, has even been scientifically proven to protect against electromagnetic radiation and has been granted a certificate by the International Association for Electro-smog Research (IGEF).

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