benefits of chanting

The Benefits of Chanting Mantras

(This post contains affiliate links.) Chanting has many therapeutic benefits. It lengthens the out breath, helps to oxygenate the brain, lowers blood pressure, is a wonderful way to express emotion. Dr. Herbert Benson observed years ago that chanting helps induce…
full moon puja

Full Moon Puja

(This post contains affiliate links.) Tonight I had the pleasure of attending a Full Moon Puja, a Buddhist ritual that goes back to the time of the historical Buddha. We sat outside, the weather mild and the wind still. From…
benefits of rebounding

The Benefits of Rebounding

(This post contains affiliate links.) Rebounding is fun, easy, and safe for almost anybody of any age. It’s quoted by NASA as “the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man”. The health benefits of rebounding are amazing... and…