pranic energy

How Does Dru Yoga Work So Effectively?

The gap between modern medicine, quantum physics and ancient forms of health care, is closing fast. According to quantum physicists we are essentially beings of light or energy – a fact well known to the ancient yogis who studied the universe many thousands of years ago.

Masters of the Far East have shown immense control over their bodies and their control of energy. So what is this force or chi or pranic energy? It is our life force – our prana – and it can be measured, directed and transformed at will given the correct training. There is no need to try to become a Jedi knight or yogi with special powers (called sidhis) but it is worth learning how to direct our life force to heal parts of our body that may be unwell.

We can also choose to use our prana or energy to help us focus our mind to achieve our goals and dreams.

Unfortunately, when we carry negative or disempowering thoughts about ourselves and others, we lose our power and potential to tap into this unlimited resource.