discover your archetypes

Discover Your Archetypes

(This post contains affiliate links.) I was recently introduced to the concept of Archetypes – patterns of behaviour which can be described as our soul’s blueprint. There are 12 archetypes which can occur in any combination in each of us, and this combination can change throughout our lives and even throughout the day.

Discover your archetypes.

Our archetypes motivate everything we do, and so discovering our own unique combination of archetypes can help us to navigate the world, make choices and generally understand ourselves better.

Whilst Archetypes are new to me, they are certainly not a new idea. In fact, they originated from Plato and were also at the core of Carl Jung’s analysis of human behaviour.

Archetypes sound pretty important, huh?

Thanks to it’s easy (and free) to discover your archetypes with a simple quiz. I took the quiz today and these were my results:

I actually think I should have had a hint of “visionary” in there too as I have always had an entrepreneurial streak and I am a real ‘ideas person’. Other than that though, I’m amazed at how well the results describe me. It seems pretty accurate.

Once you have discovered your archetypes there is a whole wealth of information on that will help you to learn about yourself.

The book Archetypes: Who Are You? by Caroline Myss has also been recommended to me and I will definitely be checking that out as I have really enjoyed another book by her, Anatomy of the Spirit: The Seven Stages of Power and Healing. (See My Spirtual Shelfie for more info on my adventures in spiritual reading.)

Have you completed the quiz to discover your archetypes? What is your impression of the results? Please comment below and let me know.