benefits of rebounding

The Benefits of Rebounding

(This post contains affiliate links.) Rebounding is fun, easy, and safe for almost anybody of any age. It’s quoted by NASA as “the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised by man”. The health benefits of rebounding are amazing… and you can even do it at home whilst watching TV!

Benefits of rebounding.
Benefits of rebounding.
Benefits of rebounding.
Benefits of rebounding.

So, what is Rebounding?

Put simply – bouncing on a mini trampoline.

The rebound mini-trampoline subjects the body to gravitational pulls ranging from zero at the top of each bounce to 2-3 times the force of gravity at the bottom, depending on how high the person is rebounding.

Rebounding is a zero-impact exercise, and there are many benefits of rebounding for your health and body.

Benefits of Rebounding:

  • Rebounding is an aerobic exercise which improves blood circulation and increases the capacity of both the heart and lungs. With regular rebounding the resting heart rate can decline 10 beats per minute, which means 5,000 fewer heartbeats in a single night’s sleep.
  • Lowers cholesterol levels
  • Improves co-ordination and balance
  • Reduces stress and tension
  • Improves muscle tone (particularly legs, thighs, hips, abdomen and arms)
  • Increases energy and vitality
  • Boosts the lymphatic system and detoxification
  • Strengthens the immune system. Many immune cells such as T-lymphocytes and macrophages are self-propelled by amoebic action. All cells in the body become stronger in response to the increased G-force during rebounding, and this cellular exercise results in the self-propelled immune cells being up to 5 times more active. The job description of these cells includes eating viruses, bacteria and even cancer cells, so it is good that they be active!
  • Stimulates all internal organs, moves the cerebral-spinal fluid, aqueous fluid within the eyes (many people claim improved eyesight), and does wonders for the intestines.

Inactive or wheel-chair bound seniors find that rebounding gives them renewed vigor and zest for life. Blind or handicapped people can purchase a hand rail that attaches to their rebound mini-trampoline. Hyperactive children are reported to calm down after a few days of rebounding. Rebounding is for almost everyone!

How Rebounding Boosts the Lymphatic System

The lymph system bathes every cell, carrying nutrients to the cell and waste products away, yet the lymph is totally dependent on physical exercise to move. Without adequate movement, the cells are left stewing in their own waste products and starving for nutrients, a situation that contributes to arthritis, cancer and other degenerative diseases as well as aging. Rebounding is reported to increase lymph flow by 15 to 30 times.

Women who exercise regularly reduce their risk of breast cancer by 72%. – New England Journal of Medicine, May 1, 1997.

The lymph fluid moves through channels called “vessels” that are filled with one way valves, so it always moves in the same direction. The main lymph vessels run up the legs, up the arms, up the torso, and down from the face into the neck. This is why the vertical up and down movement of rebounding is so effective to pump the lymph.

Restrictive clothing prevents the flow of blood and lymph. Wearing a bra to prevent sagging breasts actually weakens the muscles and connective tissue helping to create sagging breasts. The free movement of the breasts during walking and exercise helps to pump lymph through the breast tissue.

Hours in a Bra Per Day*Chance of Breast Cancer*
2475.00% (3 out of 4)
>12 (but not to bed)14.28% (1 out of 7)
<1200.66% (1 out of 152)
0 (or rarely)00.60% (1 out of 168)

*Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras, by Sydney Ross Singer & Soma Grismaijer

Choosing a Rebounder

So, are all rebounders equal? Or, in the words of George Orwell, are some more equal than others?

Well, I am a big fan of Justin and Kate Stellman and their Extreme Health Radio, which I subscribe to through the podcast app on my iPad. Their shows are always interesting, informative and thought-provoking but also fun and entertaining to listen to. I feel like I know Justin and Kate personally! It was through listening to their show that I heard of the Bellicon rebounder.

According to Justin and Kate,

The Bellicon rebounder is hands down THE best rebounder on the market today. If you want to prevent disease, increase circulation, detox the body, cleanse your lymphatic system and build bone density you’ll want to jump up and down every single day on a rebounder.

Justin and Kate often mention the Bellicon rebounder and the benefits of rebounding on their shows but the following show is one that focused entirely on the Bellicon rebounder:

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Getting Started on the Rebounder

Everyone starts with the “health bounce” which means your feet remain in contact with the mat while the body moves up and down. The health bounce is sufficient to give all the benefits of rebounding while gently strengthening the entire body.

The health bounce can be done while talking on the phone, listening to music or watching TV and people can use the rebounder whenever they have a few minutes during the day.

It is recommended that you wear running shoes or do your rebounding with bare feet so you do not slip.

Adults start with 5 minutes of rebounding and increase their time as fitness improves. Seniors start with 2 minutes ten times per day, with at least 30 minutes between sessions. It is necessary for older people to start gradually in order to give the connective tissue holding internal organs in place time to strengthen. This prevents the possibility of prolapsed organs – the only contra-indication to rebounding reported in the literature.

Bellicon Rebounder Workout Videos

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Note: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone. Please consult your doctor before beginning these or any other Bellicon exercise programmes. The instructions and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. The creators, producers and developers of these videos and this website disclaim any liabilities or loss in connection with the exercises and advice herein.