40 before 40

40 before 40!

(This post contains affiliate links.) Now, making a list of 40 things I’d like to do before I’m 40 would be easy. In fact, it’d be hard to stop at just 40 things! But for this blog I’ve set myself the challenge of listing 40 yoga, fitness, healthy living and spiritual related goals – not an easy task at all…

40 before 40 - yoga, fitness, healthy living and spiritual goals.
  1. Conquer the 30-day Bikram Yoga Challenge Well, I think I have listed the most difficult one first here! In fact, it might even be impossible since it looks as though it will require a trip to London every day for 30 days which will be both expensive and time consuming, but still I’m really keen to give it a go so it’s on the list in the hope that the Universe will help me find a way to achieve it.
  2. Complete the London to Brighton bike ride. Why is this even on the list when I haven’t ridden a bike for years?!
  3. Give colonic irrigation a go. I just need to switch my focus from the embarrassment to the benefits!
  4. Complete the entire INSANITY workout by Shaun T. I’ve started this a few times this year but my goal is to complete the whole thing, following the workout schedule exactly.
  5. 20 full push-ups. According to ACSM Guidelines for Exercise Testing and Prescription, I should be able to perform between 12 and 24 modified push-ups, i.e. on the knees rather than on the toes. I can already achieve this, but who wants to be just average?????
  6. Try a coffee enema. I’ve been meaning to do this for years and found the coffee that I would like to use at the Cam Expo last year. It’s something that I’d like to get into the habit of doing regularly but somehow I’ve just never got round to buying the equipment. Time for action I think!
  7. Quit sugar. I’m going to aim to quit sugar for one month to make my goal seem at least a little realistic, but I’m really hoping that once I’ve achieved it for one month my addiction to the white stuff of death will be broken and I’ll be able to continue to live a completely sugar-free life.
  8. Become a vegan. I’ve been a vegetarian for 25 years now but really do feel even better on a vegan diet. It’s pretty much what my PH360 recommends for me too… but oh how I love cheese!!
  9. Do a fast. At the moment I’m thinking of trying either Juice Feasting, the Lemon Detox Diet or the Vibrant Cleanse Lemonade Diet.
  10. Do the splits – without requiring stitches afterwards!
  11. Read (or re-read) every book in my “spiritual” bookcase. I’ve been buying books faster than I can read them for a long time, so this is going to be quite a task! Click here to take a peek at my bookshelves.
  12. Go to a hoola fitness class. First I need to re-learn to actually use a hoola hoop, but who am I to rebuff a chance to return to my childhood?
  13. Get my nose to my knees in Seated Forward Bend (Paschimottanasana). Now, I should state here that you should lengthen through the spine and imagine taking the chest to the knees and not the nose to the knees, but I’d just like to be able to touch my nose to my knees. I can clearly remember not being able to do this in ballet classes as a young child so why I think I should be able to achieve it now I have no idea!
  14. Run a 5K – and RUN all the way! Running has never appealed to me as a regular hobby and I don’t think anything is going to change there, but I’d like to do a 5K once in my life – just because. I’m thinking of doing The Color Run, simply because it is tagged as the “happiest 5K” and anything that can make running a happy experience gets my vote!
  15. 10 chin-ups (Oh gosh, am I setting myself up to fail?!)
  16. Put my palms flat on the floor in Standing Forward Bend (Uttanasana). I’m nearly there with this one so at least one of my goals might be realistic.
  17. Make my own yoga and fitness videos. I have oodles of ideas but no confidence… yet! Why I should be shy when it will just be me and the camera, I don’t know. Silly, huh? I also need to learn how to edit videos and add annotations. Watch this space…
  18. Try aqua cycling. Aqua cycling has many benefits, but the main draw is cellulite reduction. The underwater cycling movement generates a constant “palper-rouler”/lymphatic massage which stimulates and breaks down fatty cells whilst the hydrostatic pressure of the water activates the muscles, triggers blood flow and creates a drainage effect to mobilize the fat and elimiate it via the circulation. The only downside is that the only UK classes I have been able to find are in London, making it quite pricey once travel is factored in. Still, I think it’ll be something that I’d like to add into my schedule once or twice a month.
  19. Participate in the #100happydays challenge. This challenge involves simply submitting a picture of what made you happy every day for – you’ve guessed it – 100 days. Apparently 71% of people fail the challenge, quoting lack of time as the main reason. I do NOT want to be someone who doesn’t have time to be happy!
  20. Develop a daily schedule to incorporate all my health, fitness and spiritual needs… and stick to it! The problem is that I am constantly disovering new things that I “need” to do daily – from oil pulling to brainwave entrainment, and rebounding to body brushing. I’m quick to jump on the bandwagon of a new activity but I tend to forget the things I had discovered just a few months before. I need a structured plan that new tasks can easily just be added to, although I’m fast running out of hours in the day! They say it takes 21 days to make a habit so I’ll consider this achieved when I have stuck my schedule for 21 days.
  21. Eliminate food nasties. If I can quit eating sugar then I can quit anything, right? I already try to avoid the obvious bad guys – for example, MSG, artificial sweeteners, margarine and “bad” fats, GMOs, additives and preservatives – and I eat organic wherever it is available. I would like to take this a little further though and avoid wheat, corn and all processed foods too. It’s not going to be easy, especially when combined with #7 and #8, but I think it’ll be totally worth it. More to follow on this in a future blog post though as it’s obviously a BIG topic.
  22. Master Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana). At the moment I am limited in this asana by my tight hip flexors which tend to limit my hip extension and encourage over-recruitment of my lumbar extensors and anterior pelvic tilting. This has been a long-standing problem for me which I’ve tried working on – albeit in fits and starts – to no avail. I’m determined to crack this now though!
  23. Keep a daily gratitude journal. Another option would be to participate in the Grateful Project which involves submitting a photo to #365grateful each day of something you’re grateful for.
  24. Find the perfect natural beauty products for me. I’ve been shopping round for entirely natural beauty products for a long, long time now but I just end up with stacks of half-used bottles and jars. (I have been told that I’m fickle. Can you believe that?!) I really need to decide on the perfect products for me and actually make a routine for myself.
  25. Spoil myself regularly! #RealCatholicBeauty describes pampering as “preventative medicine for the soul.” How can I never have had a manicure or a pedicure? I’m also thinking of giving microdermabrasion a go. Whatever I go for, the point is that I’m on the receiving end for a change.
  26. Go on a retreat. It’s a tough life, I know. At the moment I’m imagining a blend of yoga, walking and detox, with healthy vegan food and lots of smoothies… maybe some spa treatments… an outdoor hot tub with fabulous views… bliss!
  27. Try a Realli Ski simulator. Well, I’ve tried skiing and I have to say it just didn’t rock my world, and I’ve treated too many skiing injuries to persevere with trying to love it. That said, skiing is a great exercise and I’d love a slice of the fitness benefits. Perhaps the Realli Ski simulator could be the answer.
  28. Improve my swimming. After years (and years) of swimming lessons as a child, I’m still not a confident swimmer. I can swim backstroke quite happily and I enjoy aquarobics, but that’s about it. You certainly wouldn’t catch me jumping into the deep end and I like to know there’s someone looking out for me at all times, just in case. So, my goal here is to actually achieve something concrete. I’m not really sure what’s available yet, but perhaps I could aim for a distance swimming certificate or maybe I could take part in Swimathon.
  29. Balance in Crow Pose (Bakasana)… for 60 seconds, without giving myself a head injury in the process!
  30. Try a Laughter Yoga class. I have no idea what to expect from this but the benefits of laughter are awesome. I consider myself to have a good sense of humour and I laugh easily. Why not give it a try?
  31. Lengthen my short and long hip adductors. I’d like to be able to get my nose to my feet and my knees to the floor in Butterfly Pose (Badhakonasana). I used to be able to do this, so why shouldn’t I be able to do it again? I’m not far off of getting my nose to my feet now, but getting my knees to the floor would really help me sit comfortably for extended periods of time when meditating. I would also like to be able to widen my legs further in Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend (Upavistha Konasana).
  32. Climb on an indoor rock wall. It’s a great all-round exercise and it’s a fun social activity that I could do with friends that actually involves getting fit rather than sitting and eating. What more is there to say, except why haven’t we tried it already?
  33. Try an Aerial Yoga class. Just for kicks!
  34. Make dancing a part of my life again. If you’ve read about me you’ll know that I’ve been dancing since I was about 3 and have qualified as a dance teacher. However, in the last few years the hum drum of daily life has taken over and I’d like to reclaim the joy that dancing brought to my life. I’m thinking of trying something new, like Musical theatre at Pineapple Dance Studios or perhaps belly dancing. Another option would be to teach a regular class but at the moment I’m thinking I need to do something that’s just for me and won’t add more stress and responsibility to my life.
  35. Get my feet flat on the floor in Downward Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana). This is one of my favourite poses. Isn’t it just totally blissful? Now, I know that getting your heels to touch the floor isn’t the goal with this pose, but still it’d be nice. For me I think the limitation is in my hamstrings rather than my Achilles tendons so I think I should be able to achieve it without too much strain.
  36. Complete my Pilates Matwork Certification with APPI. I have started the training courses but my tight quads and hip adductors limit me and I know that will be a problem when it comes to the certification exam. Once I’ve cracked #22 on this list though, I’ll be good to go!
  37. Stop crossing my legs. Whether crossing your legs causes cellulite or not is open to debate it seems, but it certainly isn’t good for your circulation or your posture. It’s so hard to stop doing something that you mostly don’t even realise you’re doing though!
  38. Drink at least 1.5 litres of water a day – and not from a plastic bottle! I’d like to discover THE best water to drink. I drink a lot of herbal teas and had thought that they would count towards my daily water intake but I have recently read that if they have diuretic properties they don’t count, which makes sense really.
  39. Hold Plank Pose for 5 minutes. I’d like to achieve this both in High Chaturanga and on my elbows/forearms.
  40. Meditate every day – EVERY day, whether it’s with my new mala, using brainwave entrainment or following a guided meditation – just do it!

Phew! That’s quite some list! Hopefully putting my goals out there for you all to see will motivate me to make them happen.

Please do comment below…

Have you set yourself any yoga, fitness, healthy living or spiritually related goals? Or, could you help me to achieve mine?




  • John

    Great list Fiona, you’ve inspired me to make my own. But I’m already over 40, so do I reduce the number or make it 50 before 50? Can I include things I’ve already done?

    Just make sure you don’t combine number 6 and number 10 😉

  • Fiona Simmonds

    Haha! I’m pleased you like the list because I was hoping we’d be able to do #18, #27 and #32 together!!

    Yes, you could do “50 before 50”. No, of course they can’t be things you’ve done before or it wouldn’t be a challenge, would it? The hard part for me was listing 40 things that were related to the theme of my blog but you could have any 50 things of course.

  • Teresa Gilbert

    I like this list and will be applying it! I need to try it!

  • You have so many health related things. You put me to shame. Maybe I will make a 60 before 60. hmmm also, I have already done Aerial Yoga and you should…it’s great fun.

  • erin fesperman

    Wow, I never even knew about number 37. It’s definitely something I do and don’t realize it. I also didn’t know it was bad for my posture, I probably sit that way all day at my desk – yikes! Gotta change it! Thank you!

  • This is such a great list for your 40 before 40 goals! I could definitely borrow some and incorporate them in my goal.

  • This is quite an amazing list! I can’t even imagine doing half of these things! A coffee enema?! What! Before I turn 40, I’d like to go somewhere abroad.

  • Shannon Graham

    I’ve completed the entire Sanity workout and I’m on my second time through. It’s really fun if you push through!

  • mail4rosey

    I’ve been vegetarian for many years too. I don’t think I could give up cheese to go vegan. 😉

  • mail4rosey

    I could easily thinkn of 50 things to do before I’m 50. Maybe I’ll make a list. 🙂

  • That’s awesome! It’s always great to have a bucket list, it makes life more exciting and it keeps you moving as well! I hope you complete this by the time you turn 40!

  • Aziel Morte

    What a good list. I need to keep this in my mind.

  • Melanie Smith

    Thank you for this great list! Yoga is amazing, I love doing it <3